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  • Reverend Brother's Jig, The

    Also known as Port an Bhrathair, Sonny Brogan's #1, Monk's Jig, The, Sonny Brogan's Fancy, The Reverend Brother's Jig/The Monk's (J-81), The Reverend Brother's, lower octave, The Monk's Jig (J-81), The Reverend Brother's Jig (J-81), The Reverend Brother's, lower octave (J-81), Monk's, The.

    Reverend Brother's Jig, The
  • Mad Moll. TLY.007

    Also known as Yellow Stockings, Cuddle Me,Cuddy, the Pea Cock Follow the Hen, The Peacock Followed the Hen, Pea cock follow the hen, The, ECD - Longways Duple Minor, play AA BB, Peacock Followed The Hen. TLY007, Peacock Followed The Hen,aka. JaW.021, Cudland Cudy (Cuddle Me Cuddie), Peacock Follow The Hen, Cudll Me Cudy. JaW.021, Peacock Followed The Hen,aka. TLY007, Mad Moll, Mad Moll. JaW.021.

    Mad Moll. TLY.007
  • Promenade No 3

    Also known as ... pont, ... drobe, Promenade No 2, ... saluts, ... traverses, ... tourniquets, ... pont-drobe, Promenade No 6, Promenade No 4, Promenade No 1, Promenade No 5, Drobe de Guingamp.

    Promenade No 3
  • Also known as Herv Irvoas TS4, Ar re yaouank, Duro - Le Lay (S:Stage Festival fisel aot 98)(Dcembre 98), L'ne Martin, Guillerm Thomas, Herv Irvoas TS3, Herv Irvoas TS2 (Kerleon), Hymne national du Plin, Kerleon, Ne chomeg war bale, Herv Irvoas TS1, Jean Og, Plomeur B (S:Gildas Moal et Ren Chaplain)(Mars 99), Plin, tons simples, Plomeur A (S:Gildas Moal et Ren Chaplain)(Mars 99).

  • Thme (4 fois)

    Also known as Variation No 7, Introduction, Variation No 5, Variation No 1, Variation No 8, Variation No 6, Variation No 3, Variation No 4, Tarentelle : Yann Dour, Variation No 2.

    Thme (4 fois)
  • Herv Irvoas TD3

    Also known as Herv Irvoas TD2, Ton doubl Ambroise, Jean Og, B (94-95), Plomeur B (S:Gildas Moal et Ren Chaplain)(Mars 99), Herv Irvoas TD4, A (94-95), Plomeur A (S:Gildas Moal et Ren Chaplain)(Mars 99), Plin, Tons doubles, Herv Irvoas TD1.

    Herv Irvoas TD3