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  • Give Me Your Hand

    Also known as Give Me Your Hand (with chords), Take My Hand, 35. Tabhair Domh Do La?mh.

    Give Me Your Hand
  • Si Bheag Si Mhor

    Also known as Sheebeg and Sheemore, Si Bheag, Si Mhor, Si Beg Si Mor, Sheebeag Sheemore, Si' Beag Si' Mo'r, Si' Beag, Si' Mo'r.

    Si Bheag Si Mhor
  • Captain O'Kane

    Also known as The Wounded Hussar, Planxty O'Kane, "Captain O'Kane" 0627.

    Captain O'Kane
  • All Those Endearing Young Charms

    Also known as My Lodging's on the Cold Ground, Believe me if all Those Endearing Young Charms.

    All Those Endearing Young Charms
  • Margaret's Waltz

    Also known as .

    Margaret's Waltz
  • Ashokan Farewell

    Also known as Ashokan is the name of a town now under the Ashokan Resevoir, Ashokan Farewell - #148.

    Ashokan Farewell
  • Aly's Waltz

    Also known as Aly's.

    Aly's Waltz
  • Crested Hens

    Also known as The Crested Hens, The Crested Hen, Les Poules Hupes, Crested Hen, The.

    Crested Hens
  • Oot Pik

    Also known as Oot Pik Waltz, Eskimo Waltz, Uke Pick, Ook Pick Waltz, Utpik Waltz, Ookpik Waltz.

    Oot Pik
  • Chanesse Valts

    Also known as Anniversary Waltz, Anniversary Waltz (Chanesse Valts), Valse : Anniversary.

    Chanesse Valts