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  • Brian Boru's March

    Also known as 72. BRIAN BORU'S MARCH.

    Brian Boru's March
  • Gallowglass, The

    Also known as The Gallowglass.

    Gallowglass, The
  • The ladies of Carrick

    Also known as The Ladies of Carrick., Ladies Of Carrick, The.

    The ladies of Carrick
  • Black nag

    Also known as the Black Nag, The Galloping Nag, Duivelspaard.

    Black nag
  • Drummond Castle

    Also known as Castle Drummond, Mathew Briggs, Mathew Briggs (aka Drummond Castle).

    Drummond Castle
  • Coleraine

    Also known as Coleraigne, Coleraine's Jig.

  • the Church of Dromore

    Also known as "The Church Of Dromore" (air) 0270.

    the Church of Dromore
  • Geese in the Bog

    Also known as Geese in the Bog, The, Geese in the Bog [in A], The.

    Geese in the Bog
  • Full-Rigged Ship, Da

    Also known as da Full Rigged Ship, da Full-Rigged Ship.

    Full-Rigged Ship, Da
  • The gallowglass

    Also known as Nathaniel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Brother, The Gallowglass (in A minor), Gallowglass, The.

    The gallowglass
  • Katy's Rambles

    Also known as Katie's Rambles (Katy's Rambles), Katie's Rambles, Kat:y's Rambles -- Jig.

    Katy's Rambles
  • Lost My Love

    Also known as Culcrevie.

    Lost My Love
  • There Came a Young Man

    Also known as Bung Your Eye, the Braw Young Man, Bung Your Eye (The Braw Young Man) (There Came a Young Man), There Cam' a Young Man, Brisk Young Lads, Bung Your Eye (the Braw Young Man) (the re Came a Young Man), There Cam a Young Man.

    There Came a Young Man
  • The short grass

    Also known as An Feur Gearr, Put on your Clothes, Short Grass, The, Short Grass.

    The short grass