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  • A : 5
  • C : 1

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  • a Bruxa

    Also known as A Bruxa (C-Whistle 1 note high), Valse galicienne 1.

    a Bruxa
  • Music in the glen

    Also known as "Music In the Glen" (reel) 1183.

    Music in the glen
  • Peter Street

    Also known as Knight of St. Patrick Lancers (#81-E), Timour the Tartar, Peter Street -- Reel, "Peter Street" (reel) 1325.

    Peter Street
  • Halfway House, The

    Also known as Turnpike Reel, The.

    Halfway House, The
  • Jessica's Polka

    Also known as Jessica's, Kevin Burke Polka #3, Polka #3.

    Jessica's Polka