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  • Brian Boru's March

    Also known as 72. BRIAN BORU'S MARCH.

    Brian Boru's March
  • Gallowglass, The

    Also known as The Gallowglass.

    Gallowglass, The
  • The ladies of Carrick

    Also known as The Ladies of Carrick., Ladies Of Carrick, The.

    The ladies of Carrick
  • Unknown Jig # 1

    Also known as Stan Chapman's, Untitled Jig #3.

    Unknown Jig # 1
  • Black nag

    Also known as the Black Nag, The Galloping Nag, Duivelspaard.

    Black nag
  • Drummond Castle

    Also known as Castle Drummond, Mathew Briggs, Mathew Briggs (aka Drummond Castle).

    Drummond Castle
  • Mooncoin Jig

    Also known as The mooncoin jig, Mooncoin Jig, The, Mooncoin, The Mooncoin, Mooncoin, The.

    Mooncoin Jig
  • McKennas (2)

    Also known as Judy Callahan's, John McKenna's.

    McKennas (2)
  • The Absent Minded Man

    Also known as The Absent-minded Man, Absent Minded Man, The.

    The Absent Minded Man
  • Trip to Paris,A. HSJJ.136

    Also known as the Trip to Paris, Trip to Paris, The.

    Trip to Paris,A. HSJJ.136
  • Miss McPherson Grant of Ballindalloch

    Also known as the Nurseryman, Miss McPherson Grant of Ballindalloch (The Nurseryman), Miss McPherson Grant's Jig - of Ballindalloch, Miss McPherson Grant's Jig.

    Miss McPherson Grant of Ballindalloch
  • the Ferry Jig

    Also known as 8 x 40J 3C (RSCDS 20) EACH TUNE: AABBB, The Express, The Ferry, Ferry, the.

    the Ferry Jig
  • Duchess of Hamilton's Rant

    Also known as Duchess of Hamilton's Rant,The. JB.54, Duchess of Hamilton's Rant. ASH.03, Duchess of Hamilton's Rant,aka. JaW.165, Dutches Hamilton,of Wedicarmear(). JaW.165, Charlie And His Trousers On,aka. ASH.03, Lady's Delight,aka. ASH.03.

    Duchess of Hamilton's Rant
  • Stan Chapman's

    Also known as Stan Chapman, Stan Chapman (J-62; ©Jerry Holland)), Stan Chapman (J-62), Stan Chapman's Jig.

    Stan Chapman's