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  • A : 9
  • D : 4
  • G : 4
  • C : 2
  • F : 1
  • E : 1

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  • Old French

    Also known as Old French Reel, The Rambler's Hornpipe, Rambler's Hornpipe, Old French, The.

    Old French
  • Brenda Stubbert's

    Also known as Brenda Stubbert's Reel.

    Brenda Stubbert's
  • Auld Grey Cat, The

    Also known as Old Grey Cat, Friday Night Special, Old Grey Cat, The, Auld Grey Cat, The (R-82), The Old Grey Cat.

    Auld Grey Cat, The
  • Reconciliation Reel, The

    Also known as the Reconciliation Reel.

    Reconciliation Reel, The
  • Mason's Apron

    Also known as the Mason's Apron, My Son's A Prawn, Mason's Apron, the, Oor Hamlet (Adam MacNaughtan).

    Mason's Apron
  • Childgrove

    Also known as Childgrove in Dm, Childgrove (Dm), Kleuterbos.

  • High road to Linton, The

    Also known as the High road to Linton, Jenny's Gone To Linton, High Road To Linton.

    High road to Linton, The
  • Watchmaker, The

    Also known as Niel Gow's Highland, John Gaffney's Fling, Neil Gow's Wife, an uar.fairea.can., John Gaffney, Neil Gow's Second Wife, The Watchmaker, "The Watchmaker" (reel) 1539.

    Watchmaker, The
  • Sleep Sound Ida Moarmin

    Also known as Sleep Soond in da Moarnin', Sleep Soond ida Moarnin, Sleep Sound in the Morning, Sleep Soond in da Morning.

    Sleep Sound Ida Moarmin