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  • D : 3
  • B : 3
  • G : 1

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  • Walsh's Polka

    Also known as Lacha Cross, Din Tarrant's #1, Bill the Weaver's #2, Lackagh Cross, Bill the Weaver's, Walsh's Polka #3.

    Walsh's Polka
  • An Ye Had Been Where etc. HSJJ.001

    Also known as An ye had been where I ha'e been.

    An Ye Had Been Where etc. HSJJ.001
  • Egan's Polka

    Also known as Kerry Polka, Egan's, Peg Ryan's, Faba, Egans's Polka, Ryan's, Peg, Peg Ryan's Polka, The Kerry Polka.

    Egan's Polka