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  • Ross Castle

    Also known as Ross Castle. HSJJ.108.

    Ross Castle
  • Thirty Years Ago

    Also known as "Thirty Years Ago" (hornpipe) 1632.

    Thirty Years Ago
  • the Golden Eagle

    Also known as Golden Eagle, The.

    the Golden Eagle
  • The Twilight Star

    Also known as Twilight Star, SILVER STAR -- HORNPIPE, Silver Star Hornpipe, "The Twilight Star" (hornpipe) 1641.

    The Twilight Star
  • The Post Office

    Also known as Post Office, The, "The Post Office Hornpipe" 1606.

    The Post Office
  • Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160

    Also known as Bonny Charlie, King William of Orange. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies. HSJJ.160, King William of Orange,aka. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies,aka. HSJJ.160.

    Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160
  • taim ag fuirea.c leatsa.

    Also known as I'm Waiting For You., I'm Waiting For You, "You Bet" -- Reel, Hillside Cottage, "I'm Waiting For You" (hornpipe) 1567.

    taim ag fuirea.c leatsa.
  • Tom Tullus's Hornpipe.

    Also known as Tom Tolleys Hornpipe, Tom Fowler's Hornpipe. JaW.124, Tom Tollys Hornpipe, Tom Tulley's, Tom Fowler's Hornpipe. JaW.225, Tom Tollin;s Hp,aka. JaW.225, Tom Tully's, Tom Tolley's Hp,aka. JaW.225.

    Tom Tullus's Hornpipe.
  • Flowing Tide, The

    Also known as Flowing Tide.

    Flowing Tide, The
  • Stoney Steps Hornpipe. WM.016

    Also known as Stoney Steps Hornpipe. WM016.

    Stoney Steps Hornpipe. WM.016
  • Murphy's Hornpipe

    Also known as Murphy's, "Murphy's Hornpipe" 1624.

    Murphy's Hornpipe
  • The New Moon

    Also known as New Moon, The, "The New Moon Hornpipe" 1609.

    The New Moon