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  • F : 106
  • D : 3
  • C : 2
  • G : 1

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  • Fuga III

    Also known as Go to the woman washing sheets and do likewise, Vade ad mulierem lavantem pannos, tu fac similiter.

    Fuga III
  • Fuga V

    Also known as Put a toad to the breasts of a woman, and nurse it; the woman may die, but the toad grows big from the milk, Appone mulieri super mammas bufonem, ut ablactet eum, et moriatur mulier, sitque bufo grossus de lacte.

    Fuga V
  • Fuga II

    Also known as Its nurse is the earth, Nutrix ejus terra est.

    Fuga II
  • Fuga XIX

    Also known as If you kill one of the four, suddenly all will be dead, Si de quattuor unum Occidas, subito mortuus omnis erit.

    Fuga XIX
  • Fuga XLVIII

    Also known as The King, sick from drinking the waters, is cured by the physicians and gains his health, Rex ab aquis potatis morbum, a medicis curatus sanitatem obtinet.

    Fuga XLVIII
  • Fuga XXXIII

    Also known as The Hermaphrodite, like a corpse lying in the dark, needs fire, Hermaphroditus mortuo similis, in tenebris jacens, igne indiget.

    Fuga XXXIII
  • Bulgar from Kishiniev

    Also known as Kishiniever Bulgar [F], Kishiniever Bulgar [F] (Bulgar from Kishiniev).

    Bulgar from Kishiniev
  • Fuga XXX

    Also known as The Sun needs the Moon as the cock needs the hen, Sol indiget Luna, ut gallus gallina.

    Fuga XXX