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  • G : 14
  • A : 1
  • C : 1
  • E : 1

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  • Kesh Jig (Kincora Jig)

    Also known as Kesh Jig, Kincora Jig, the Kesh Jig, the Kincora Jig, The Kesh Jig (The Kincora Jig), The Kesh Jig (G maj).

    Kesh Jig (Kincora Jig)
  • Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160

    Also known as Bonny Charlie, King William of Orange. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies. HSJJ.160, King William of Orange,aka. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies,aka. HSJJ.160.

    Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160
  • Peter Kennedy's Fancy

    Also known as Jim Seery's, Crusheen, The, Shearing the Sheep, Red Haired Lass, The, Red-Haired Lass, The.

    Peter Kennedy's Fancy
  • Dusty Bob's Jig

    Also known as Dusty Bob's Jig (Jack's Alive), Jack's Alive, Dusty Bob's, Dusty Bob's -- Jig, Rusty Bob's Jig.

    Dusty Bob's Jig
  • The Boy in the Baskett

    Also known as Bean Setting,aka. BF13.010, Long Room At Scarborough,aka. BF13.010, Boy in the Baskett,The. BF13.010, Long Room At Scarborough(). BF14.10, Boy in the Baskett,The. BF14.10.

    The Boy in the Baskett
  • Engels Pols

    Also known as Totakt-pols, nr. EJ-64, "Totakt-pols", EJ-64, Totakt-pols, EJ-64, Totakt-pols, nr.EJ-64, "Totakt-pols", nr. EJ-64.

    Engels Pols
  • Gallopede. TLY012

    Also known as Yarmouth Reel,aka. JC.088, Galopede,aka. JC.088, Persian Ricardo. JC.088, Persiand Ricado,The. TLY.012, Gallopede,aka. TLY012, The Persiand Ricado. TLY.012, The Persian Ricado. TLY.012.

    Gallopede. TLY012
  • Maurice Manley's

    Also known as Ballydesmond Polka รง2, The, Ned Connell's Polka #2, AKA The BallyDesmond Polka - Maurice Manley's, The BallyDesmond Polka #2, Ballydesmond Polka, The.

    Maurice Manley's
  • Steam-boat Hornpipe

    Also known as the Steamboat, Steamboat, The, 45. THE SLIDE SCHOTTISCHE (32 bar hornpipes), to the tune of "Steam-boat Hornpipe" (played dotted), The Slide Schottische, Royal Greenwich Observatory, Steamboat, The Steamboat (The Slide Schottische), Steamboat Hornpipe (Coleville).

    Steam-boat Hornpipe
  • Come Under My Plaidie. JMT.107

    Also known as Johnny McGill. JMT.107, Highland Reel. JMT.107, Come Under My Plaidie. JMT107, Johnny McGill. JMT107, Highland Reel. JMT107.

    Come Under My Plaidie. JMT.107
  • Devil Among The Tailors. WM063

    Also known as Devil's Dream. WM063, Dream,The. WM063, Devil Among The Tailors. WM.063, Devil's Dream. WM.063, Dream,The. WM.063.

    Devil Among The Tailors. WM063
  • There Came a Young Man

    Also known as Bung Your Eye, the Braw Young Man, Bung Your Eye (The Braw Young Man) (There Came a Young Man), There Cam' a Young Man, Brisk Young Lads, Bung Your Eye (the Braw Young Man) (the re Came a Young Man), There Cam a Young Man.

    There Came a Young Man
  • The Ballydesmond Polkas No 1

    Also known as Ballydesmond, Ballydesmond Polka, Ballydesmond Polkas No 1, Balleydesmond No. 2, Maurice Manley's.

    The Ballydesmond Polkas No 1
  • Rakes of Mallow

    Also known as Rigs O' Mallow, Rakes of Mallow, The, The Rakes of Mallow, Rigs of Marlow, The, Dance: Northumberland Gypsy, Polka : The rakes of mallow.

    Rakes of Mallow