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  • On the Road to Boston

    Also known as Road to Boston, Road to Butlins A52.

    On the Road to Boston
  • Old French

    Also known as Old French Reel, The Rambler's Hornpipe, Rambler's Hornpipe, Old French, The.

    Old French
  • Brenda Stubbert's

    Also known as Brenda Stubbert's Reel.

    Brenda Stubbert's
  • Reel de Montre?al

    Also known as Reel de Montreal, Reel de Montre?al (R-41), Reel de Montral.

    Reel de Montre?al
  • the Cowboy's Jig

    Also known as Cow-Boy's Jig, The, The Cow-Boy's Jig, Cowboy's Jig - G, The Cow-Boy's -- Jig, Cowboy's Jig, Cow-Boy's Jig.

    the Cowboy's Jig
  • Chief O'Neill's

    Also known as Flowers of Adrigole, The, Flowers of Adrigole, Chief O'Neill's Favorite, The Flowers of Adrigole, Chief O'Neill's Favourite.

    Chief O'Neill's
  • the Flowers of Edinburgh

    Also known as Flowers of Edinburgh, 8 x 32R 3C (RSCDS Bk 1), Flowers Of Edinburgh, The.

    the Flowers of Edinburgh
  • Reconciliation Reel, The

    Also known as the Reconciliation Reel.

    Reconciliation Reel, The
  • White Petticoat, The

    Also known as White Petticoat, The White Petticoat.

    White Petticoat, The
  • Swinging on a Gate

    Also known as Fireside Reel.

    Swinging on a Gate
  • King of the Fairies

    Also known as King of the Fairies, The.

    King of the Fairies
  • the Bridal Jig

    Also known as Humours of Quarrycross, The Bridal -- Jig.

    the Bridal Jig
  • Si Bheag Si Mhor

    Also known as Sheebeg and Sheemore, Si Bheag, Si Mhor, Si Beg Si Mor, Sheebeag Sheemore, Si' Beag Si' Mo'r, Si' Beag, Si' Mo'r.

    Si Bheag Si Mhor
  • Highland Rory

    Also known as the Drunken Piper, the Drunken Piper (Highland Rory), Play each tune once as written: 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 2 1, Reel of the 51st Division, 32R 3C x 8 -- RSCDS Book 13-10), Scottish Quadrille Set - Part 1, 4x(AABC), The Drunken Piper (a.k.a. Highland Rory).

    Highland Rory
  • Stan Chapman's

    Also known as Stan Chapman, Stan Chapman (J-62; ©Jerry Holland)), Stan Chapman (J-62), Stan Chapman's Jig.

    Stan Chapman's