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  • G : 7
  • D : 3
  • A : 1
  • C : 1

Time signature

Has accompaniment chords

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  • the Cowboy's Jig

    Also known as Cow-Boy's Jig, The, The Cow-Boy's Jig, Cowboy's Jig - G, The Cow-Boy's -- Jig, Cowboy's Jig, Cow-Boy's Jig.

    the Cowboy's Jig
  • Chief O'Neill's

    Also known as Flowers of Adrigole, The, Flowers of Adrigole, Chief O'Neill's Favorite, The Flowers of Adrigole, Chief O'Neill's Favourite.

    Chief O'Neill's
  • Si Bheag Si Mhor

    Also known as Sheebeg and Sheemore, Si Bheag, Si Mhor, Si Beg Si Mor, Sheebeag Sheemore, Si' Beag Si' Mo'r, Si' Beag, Si' Mo'r.

    Si Bheag Si Mhor
  • Highland Rory

    Also known as the Drunken Piper, the Drunken Piper (Highland Rory), Play each tune once as written: 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 2 1, Reel of the 51st Division, 32R 3C x 8 -- RSCDS Book 13-10), Scottish Quadrille Set - Part 1, 4x(AABC), The Drunken Piper (a.k.a. Highland Rory).

    Highland Rory
  • College Hornpipe

    Also known as Sailor's Hornpipe, Sailors Hornpipe, the Sailors Hornpipe, Sailors hornpipe, The, The College Hornpipe, Sailor's, The.

    College Hornpipe
  • Charlie Hunter

    Also known as Charlie Hunter's Jig, Charlie Stuart's Jig, Charlie Hunter's Jig (J-36), Charlie Hunter's Jig (Charlie Stuart's Jig), Charlie Stuart's Jig (Charlie Hunter's Jig).

    Charlie Hunter
  • the Tenpenny Bit

    Also known as Tenpenny Bit, Tenpenny Bit, The (J-3; in A Dorian), Tenpenny bit, The, Tenpenny Bit, The (J-3), 43. SUE'S NO. 2 (32 bar jigs), 74. Charlie's Set.

    the Tenpenny Bit
  • There Came a Young Man

    Also known as Bung Your Eye, the Braw Young Man, Bung Your Eye (The Braw Young Man) (There Came a Young Man), There Cam' a Young Man, Brisk Young Lads, Bung Your Eye (the Braw Young Man) (the re Came a Young Man), There Cam a Young Man.

    There Came a Young Man
  • Rakes of Mallow

    Also known as Rigs O' Mallow, Rakes of Mallow, The, The Rakes of Mallow, Rigs of Marlow, The, Dance: Northumberland Gypsy, Polka : The rakes of mallow.

    Rakes of Mallow