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  • D : 2
  • B : 2
  • G : 2
  • C : 1

Time signature

Has accompaniment chords

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  • Connaughtman's Rambles, The

    Also known as Connachtman's Rambles, The, Gathering Dilisc, The Connaughtman's Rambles, Bean ag Baint Duileasc, Connaught Man's Rambles, The, Connaughtman's Rambles, The Connaught Man's Rambles, Connachtman's Rambles.

    Connaughtman's Rambles, The
  • Egan's Polka

    Also known as Kerry Polka, Egan's, Peg Ryan's, Faba, Egans's Polka, Ryan's, Peg, Peg Ryan's Polka, The Kerry Polka.

    Egan's Polka