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  • G : 6
  • D : 1
  • A : 1

Time signature

Has accompaniment chords

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  • Mackintosh

    Also known as Macantash. JaW.096.

  • Sir Sidney Smith

    Also known as Sir Sydney Smith's March, 65. Sir Sidney Smith, Sir Sidney Smith's March.

    Sir Sidney Smith
  • Duke of Perth, The

    Also known as Duke of Perth's Reel. HSJJ.052, Duke of Perth's Reel, Duke of Perth, the Duke of Perth, The Duke of Perth's Reel.

    Duke of Perth, The
  • Duke of Perth

    Also known as the Duke of Perth, Duke Of Perth, The.

    Duke of Perth
  • Fingal's Cave

    Also known as Fingal's Weeping, Gul Fhin, Fingal's Cave Requested by Lori Hopkinson.

    Fingal's Cave