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  • Kesh Jig

    Also known as Kincora Jig, The, Kesh Jig (J-18), Kesh, The, the Kincora Jig, the Kesh, Jig : The Kingora.

    Kesh Jig
  • Lilting banshee, The

    Also known as Lilting Banshee, the Lilting Banshee, Ballinasloe Fair, The Sligo Jig, Miller of Glenmire, Banshee, The, Ryan's Favorite, Butcher's March, The, Miller of Glenmire, The, Ballinasloe Jig, Butchers March, Lilting banshee, The***********.

    Lilting banshee, The
  • the Irish Washerwoman

    Also known as Irish Washerwoman, The, Irish Washerwoman, Irish Washerwoman. WM023, Irish Washerwoman. TLY.047, Irish Washerwoman. JMT.052, Irish Washerwoman. WM.023, Bean Gaedhealach, Irish Wash-Woman -- Jig, Tovercirkel.

    the Irish Washerwoman
  • C Aeolian/C Phrygian/C Locrian

    Also known as C Dorian/C Minor/Cm, C Lydian/C Ionian/C Mixolydian, C maj/ C major/C Major, C/CMAJOR/Cmajor, Keys and modes.

    C Aeolian/C Phrygian/C Locrian
  • Thme (4 fois)

    Also known as Variation No 7, Introduction, Variation No 5, Variation No 1, Variation No 8, Variation No 6, Variation No 3, Variation No 4, Tarentelle : Yann Dour, Variation No 2.

    Thme (4 fois)
  • Kesh Jig, The

    Also known as Kerrigan's Jig, Kesh, Kesh Jig, Kesh Mountain, The, The Kesh Jig, Castle [The], Kesh Mountain, Kesh Jig, The****.

    Kesh Jig, The
  • Thrush in the Straw, The

    Also known as Humours of Lisheen, The, the Humors of Lisheen, the Woeful Widow, the Thrush on the Strand, the Thrush in the Straw.

    Thrush in the Straw, The
  • Ap Shenkin. JMT025

    Also known as Up Shinking. JMT025, The Dear Little Island, Up Shinking. JMT.025, Ap Shenkin. JMT.025, Ap Shenkin, Ap Shenkin,aka. JMT.025.

    Ap Shenkin. JMT025
  • Ton doubl

    Also known as Ton simpl C, Bal, Ton simpl B, Ton simpl A, Plin : Suite Bravig ez eo bale.

    Ton doubl
  • Vierde figuur

    Also known as Derde figuur, Tweede figuur, Eerste figuur, Kadril van Mazenzele, Kadril van Mazel.

    Vierde figuur
  • Old Maid at the Spinning Wheel, The

    Also known as Maid at the Spinning Wheel, The, Hag at the Spinning Wheel, The, Old Maid, The, The Maid at the Spinning Wheel, The Old Maid, The Old Maid at the Spinning Wheel, The Hag at the Spinning Wheel.

    Old Maid at the Spinning Wheel, The
  • Eavesdropper

    Also known as The Eaves Dropper, Riding on a Hand-Car Jig, Riding On A Hand-Car, Riding on a Hand-Car -- Jig, The Eavesdropper.

  • the Frier in the Well

    Also known as The Maid peept out at the window, The Friar in the Well, The Maid Peeped Out the Window, Maid Peeped Out At The Window, The Maid Peept Out at (of) the Window.

    the Frier in the Well
  • Girl Of The House, The

    Also known as McLaughlin's, Girl Of The Big House, The, Cail-n An T- Mh3ir, Girl From The Big House, The, Robbie Hannon's, Robbie Hannan's, McLoughlins, Girl In The Big House, The.

    Girl Of The House, The
  • the Tenpenny Bit

    Also known as Tenpenny Bit, Tenpenny Bit, The (J-3; in A Dorian), Tenpenny bit, The, Tenpenny Bit, The (J-3), 43. SUE'S NO. 2 (32 bar jigs), 74. Charlie's Set.

    the Tenpenny Bit