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Strathspey One title Only 1 transcription major F 4/4 Has chords explore more...


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X: 1
P: Earl of Angus and Arran
R: strathspey
B: RSCDS 26-9
Z: 1997 by John Chambers <>
M: C
L: 1/8
K: F
C \
| "F"F<F c2 "Dm"A>G F>A | "Gm"B<D G>F "C7"E>C D>E \
| "F"F<F c2 "Dm"A>G F>A | "Gm"B<D "C7"G>E "F"F3 :|
c \
| "F"A<c F>c A>c F>e | f>F A>F "C7"E<G G>B \
| "F"A<c F>c A>c f>a | "G7"g>f e>d "C"c3 |]
A \
| "Gm"B<d G>B "F"A<c F>A | "Gm"G>A B>A "C7"G>F E>C \
| "F"F<A "C7"G>B "F"A<c "Bb"B>[db] | "F"c<f "C7"e>g "F"f3 |]

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