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One title Only 1 transcription Has some stepwise movement major D 2/4 No chords explore more...


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X: 1
T: I have a bonnet trimmed with blue
B: The Songs of Elizabeth Cronin, ed. D=E1ibh=ED =D3 Cr=F3in=EDn
Z: Paul de Grae  irtrad-l 2000-9-04
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
W: 1. I have a bonnet trimmed with blue;
W:    Why don't you wear it So I do.
W: [twice]
W: 2. I will wear it when I can;
W:    When I'll go away with my fair-haired man.
W: [twice]
W: 3. Open the window, do love, do!
W:    Listen to the music playing for you!
W: [twice]
W: 4. [repeat 1st verse]
W: There's also a version quoted from Iona & Peter Opie's book, "The Singing Game":
W: 'I have a bonnet trimmed with blue.'
W: 'Why don't you wear it' 'So I do.'
W: 'When do you wear it' 'When I can -
W: When I go out with my young man.
W: My young man's away at sea,
W: When he comes back he'll marry me;
W: Buy me a biscuit, buy a tart,
W: What do you think of my sweetheart'
K: D
AB/c/ dB | BA F>G | AA GE | DE F2 |
AB/c/ dB | BA F>G | AA GE | ED D2 ||
A,D FB | AA F>G | AA/A/ GG/E/ | DE F2 |
A,D FB | AF F>G | AA/A/ GG/E/ | ED D2 ||

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