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X: 1
P: Bus Stop Reel
C: Anita Anderson
C: from Portland Colln., arr. T. Traub 2-12-2004
R: Reel
K: Am
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
|: A2 eA dA c2|"Am"ABcA "G"BAGB|"A"A2 eA dA c2|"C"cde^f "G"gedB|"Am"A2 eA dA c2|
"Am"ABcA "G"BA G2|"F"FGAc "G"BAGB|"Em" cABG "Am"A4 :||: "Am"ea-ag edcB|ABcd e4|
"Am"ea-ag "C"ed c2|"D"de^fd "E"e4|"Am"ea-ag edcB|ABcd e2 dc|"G"BAGF EFGB|"Em"cABG "Am"A4 :|

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