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the 'turn' ornament is a trill

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X: 2144
N:the 'turn' ornament is a trill
A2e2 e2e e2^f2|edd^c c2d e2^f2|\
(ed)(d^c) c2B (cd)(ed)|^cBBA A3 A2A2:|
|:(ed)(d^c) c3 (e2e2)|edd^c c2B A2A2|\
edd^c c2B cded|^c2BA A3 (A2A2):|
|:G2A_B ~^c3 B2A2|G2A_B ^c2d ed^cd|\
G2A_B ~^c3 B2G2|A2^FG A3 A2A2:|
|:A2EA d^c_B cBA2|A2EA d^c_B cBA2| \
A2EA d^c_B cBA2| AG^FG A3 (A2A2):|
|:{^c}d2d2 {c}d3 d2d2| {^c}d2d2 {c}d3 d2d2| \
^c2d_B A2E c2dB|^c2d_B A2E c2dB:|
|:^c2d_B A2E c2dB| ^c2d_B A2E c2dB| \
^c2d_B A2E c2dB| ^c2d_B A2E c2dB|
^c2d_B A2E c2dB| ^c2d_B A2E c2dB| \
   ^c2d_B A2E c2dB| _BA(3GAG   ^F3 ^c2d_B :|
   |:gfed e2f ed^c_B| ^c2_B2(3BAB   G3 (d2d2)|\
   gfed e2f ed^c_B| ^c_B(3BAB   G3 (G2G2):|
   |:^c2d_B A2E ^c2d_B|_BA(3GAG   ^F3 ^c2d_B|\
   ^c2d_B A2E ^c2dB|_BA(3GAG   A3 (A2A2) :|

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