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X: 136
T: Tom and Jerry
C: R-66
C: Old-Time
M: C|
Z: Transcribed to abc by Mary Lou Knack
R: breakdown
K: A
%%text Repeat both parts 4 times
cB| "A"A2c2 "E7"B2cB| "A"A2c2 "E7"B2cd| "A"e2f2 afed|1 c2e2 "E7"e2cB:|2 "E7"c2B2 "A"A2 |]
|: \
"A"c3B cBA2| "D"f3e fga2| "A"c2e2- e2ef|1 ec3 "E7"B4:|2 "A"ea3 a4 |]
%%text 9/1/98.  Southern breakdown.  As played (more or less) by the Double Decker String Band.
%%vskip 1cm
%%textfont       Times-Roman 13.0
%%text R-67, "Ragtime Annie", replaced by R-104
%%textfont       Times-Roman 9.0

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