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X: 144
T: Minneola Rag
C: R-71
C: Old-Time
M: C|
Z: Transcribed to abc by Mary Lou Knack
R: rag
K: D
A,2| "D"DEFA BdBA| "A"FE2A- A3A,| "D"DEFA BdBA| "A"FE2A- A3A,|
     "D"dABF ADED| "G"BABd- dBAG| "E"E2EF ^GEAB| "A"cABA- A2 A,2 |
     "D"DEFA BdBA| "A"FE2A- A3A,| "D"DEFA BdBA| "A"FE2A- A3A,|
     "D"dABF ADED| "G"BABd- dBA2| "E"FDEF- "A"FDED-| "D"D6 "  Fine"x|]
|:ze|"D"fafe dABA| "A"cAca- a3A| "G"BABd- dBAF| "D"DEFA- AFED|
     "G"B,4 D3E| "D"FEFB- "B"BAF2|1 "E"E2EF ^GEAB| "A"cABA- A2:|2 \
     "E"FDEF- "A"FDED-| "D"D6|] 
K: G
    "D"c2AG FDED| DE2D- D2AB| c2AG FDED-| "G"DE2D- D2GA|
    "G"BAGE DCB,C| DE2D- D2GA| BABc- "C"c2B2| "Em"ABAG E2G2|
    "Am"AGAB- BAGA| "G"BAGE D2AB| "D"cBcE FED2| "G"G4 "DC al Fine"G2|]
%%text 9/1/98
%%vskip 1cm
%%textfont       Times-Roman 13.0
%%text R-72, "Rickett's Hornpipe" same as R-21
%%textfont       Times-Roman 9.0
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