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One title Only 1 transcription Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement major C 4/4 Has source text No chords explore more...


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X: 105
T: Esmer
O: Turkey
Z: Lyuben Dossev
M: 4/4
L: 1/16
K: C clef=treble
 z B,C ~D4 DF_ED C3/2B,/C z                                              |\
 F_EED DCCB, B,_A,A,G, G,2D2-                                            |\
 D2B,C ~D2~D2 DF_ED D3/2_B,C z                                           | 
 F_EED DCCB, B,_A,A,G, G2z2                                              |\
 z [B,B][Cc] [Dd][G,G][D-d-]2 [Dd][Ff][_E_e][Dd] [Cc]3/2[B,B]/[Cc]z      |
 [Ff][_E_e][Ee][Dd] [Dd][Cc][Cc][B,B] [Dd][_A,_A][A,A][G,G] [G,G]2[D-d-]2|\
 [Dd]2[B,B][C,c] [Dd][G,G][D-d-]2 [Dd]2[Ff][_E_e][Dd] [Cc]3/2[B,B]/[Cc] z|
 [Ff][_E_e][Ee][Dd] [Dd][Cc][Cc][B,B] [B,B][_A,_A][A,A][G,G] [G,G]3 z    |
 {F}G2 G2 G G3 F FE E3 z                                                 |\
 EF G2 G2 G2 F F3 E3 z                                                   |
 EF G2 G D3 F _E D3 z                                                    |\
 F2 _E2 D C3 B, _A,3 G,2 D z                                             |\
 z2 B,C D4 DF_ED C3/2B,/ C z                                             |
 F _E3 D2 C2 B, _A,3 G,2 D2-                                             |\
 Dz B,C D4 DF_ED C3/2B,/ D z                                             |\
 F _E3 D2 C2 B, _A,3 A,3 z                                               |

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