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As played by Janet Kerr

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One title Only 1 transcription Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement minor A 4/4 Has source text No chords explore more...


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X: 45
T:British Field March
S:As played by Janet Kerr
O:Quincy Dillion - (Fifer in the Tex-Mex Wars)
Z:Johnny Adams -Village Music Project
AB cd e2 a2 | ga ge dB GB | AB cd e2 a2 | g2 ^f2 e4 | 
AB cd e2 a2 | ga ge dB GB | g2 ge dB AG | EGAB A4 :||:
AB (3cBA BcdB | G2 Bc dB (G2 | G3)B cB AG | EGAB A4 | 
AB (3cBA BcdB | G2 Bc dB G2 | g3 e dBAG |  EGAB A4 :||
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