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X: 2
P: Tweedside
C: Neil Gow
R: waltz
B: RSCDS 19-5(I)
Z: 1997 by John Chambers <>
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: G
BA \
| "G"G2 D2 E2 | "Em"G3 ABc | "D7"A4 BA |"G"G2 D2 E2 | "D7"G2 dc BA | "G"G4  BA |
| "G"G2 D2 EF | "Em"GF GA Bc | "D7"A4 GA | "G"B2 cB AG | "D7"A2 BA GF | "G"G4 ||
|: Bc \
| "Bm"d2 cB AG | "E7"d2 ed cB | "Am"A4 Bc | "G"d2 cB AG | "Em"GF GA Bc | "D7"d4 e2 |
| "G"d2 cB AG | "Am"cB ed cB | "D7"A4 GA | "G"Bd cB AG | "C"A2 BA "(D7)"GE | "G"G4 :|

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