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  • Kesh Jig (Kincora Jig)

    Also known as Kesh Jig, Kincora Jig, the Kesh Jig, the Kincora Jig, The Kesh Jig (The Kincora Jig), The Kesh Jig (G maj).

    Kesh Jig (Kincora Jig)
  • The Witch's Dream (or: Kick the World Before Me)

    Also known as Breuddwyd y Wrach (neu: Gyrru'r Byd o'Mlaen), Powell's Fancy, Hoffed ap Hywel, The Witch's Dream, Breuddwyd y Wrach.

    The Witch's Dream (or: Kick the World Before Me)
  • Nr 2

    Also known as Nr 1, Andrastmmor (komp), Nr 2 \, Nr 1 \, Tv slngpolskor efter John-Erik Mattson, Rtan.

    Nr 2
  • Dancing Master, The

    Also known as Swallowtail Jig, The, The Swallowtail Jig, Swallowtail, The, Swallow's Nest, The, Swallowtail Jig [in E], The.

    Dancing Master, The
  • Lady in the Boat

    Also known as Lady in the boat, The, Bugle, The, Bugle Quickstep, The, 47. BLOWING IN THE WIND (32 bar jigs), the Lady in the boat, the Bugle.

    Lady in the Boat
  • the Deer's Antlers

    Also known as Caber Feidh, Caber Feidh (The Deer's Antlers), Caper Fey, Cabar Feidh, Caber Feigh, Cabar Fe?idh.

    the Deer's Antlers
  • the Cowboy's Jig

    Also known as Cow-Boy's Jig, The, The Cow-Boy's Jig, Cowboy's Jig - G, The Cow-Boy's -- Jig, Cowboy's Jig, Cow-Boy's Jig.

    the Cowboy's Jig
  • Also known as Green Island Serenade, e?a?, L De?o Xie?oyqî, a?, L Dao Xiaoyequ, Lu? Dao Xiaoyequ.

  • The Boatman

    Also known as Boateman, Boatman, Boate Man, Tune: Boate Man, Trip and Go.

    The Boatman
  • Chief O'Neill's

    Also known as Flowers of Adrigole, The, Flowers of Adrigole, Chief O'Neill's Favorite, The Flowers of Adrigole, Chief O'Neill's Favourite.

    Chief O'Neill's
  • the Maid Behind the Bar

    Also known as Judy's Reel, Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel, Maid Behind the Bar, Indy's Favorite, the Green Mountain, Judy's Reel (The Maid Behind the Bar) (Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel), Judy's Reel (The Maid Behind the Bar) (Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel) (Indy's Favorite) (The Green Mountain), Judy's Reel (The Maid Behind the Bar).

    the Maid Behind the Bar
  • Marachine D

    Also known as Lac de Grand-Lieu, Marachine C, Marachine B, Marachine A, Marachines : Suite ABCD.

    Marachine D
  • Beaux of Oakhill

    Also known as the Beaux of Oak Hill, the Boys of Bluehill, The Boys of Bluehill (The Beaux of Oak Hill), Boys of Blue Hill, The Boys of Blue Hill.

    Beaux of Oakhill
  • Si Bheag Si Mhor

    Also known as Sheebeg and Sheemore, Si Bheag, Si Mhor, Si Beg Si Mor, Sheebeag Sheemore, Si' Beag Si' Mo'r, Si' Beag, Si' Mo'r.

    Si Bheag Si Mhor
  • Duchess of Hamilton's Rant

    Also known as Duchess of Hamilton's Rant,The. JB.54, Duchess of Hamilton's Rant. ASH.03, Duchess of Hamilton's Rant,aka. JaW.165, Dutches Hamilton,of Wedicarmear(). JaW.165, Charlie And His Trousers On,aka. ASH.03, Lady's Delight,aka. ASH.03.

    Duchess of Hamilton's Rant